Seattle Art Source is equipped to provide comprehensive art support for commercial projects. From open submission processes to installation services, we can partner with your team to ensure a cohesive art presence at whatever level of support you need.

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how it works

We do the heavy lifting so you don't have to

  • Tell us about your project. We want to hear the full scope of what you are looking for so that we lend our expertise.

  • We love it when everyone is working out of their core competencies. And finding the right art for your project is our business. After reviewing the initial scope of the project, we break down the complexities into manageable steps and respond with a proposal for how we can achieve the results you are looking for.

  • Next, we make it happen. This is where we really get to shine as we work behind the scenes procuring art, commissioning custom work, and doing everything we can to make sure the art we provide is top-notch.

  • Final details are important and we are here for it. We make sure that coordination with your team is smooth up until the final packing peanut is swept up and the lights are off.

Art Installation at JW Architects

JW Architects is a leader in sustainable building and a strong supporter of the arts. They contacted Seattle Art Source to coordinate a series of art installations, transforming their headquarters into an active art space for the community.

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Lets Work Together

Lets Work Together

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