How Do I Know What Type of Art I like?

Growing a palette for art is just like developing a taste for anything else wonderful in life. It takes exposure and thought. How do you know what kind of coffee you like? Probably because you drink it every day and over time you have come to appreciate certain qualities about specific varietals. It’s not that any specific region of coffee bean is inherently better, it’s more that your palette has come to value particular traits over others. If you want to know what art you like, take regular “tastes” until you start to see a common thread in what draws your eye in. Thoughtfully partake and your palette will grow and deepen.

To Frame, or Not to Frame

Short Answer: Frame It!

Even a simple off-the-shelf frame can elevate an inexpensive piece of art. But framing can do so much more, offering your art structure, protection and giving a visual delineation – the right frame helps your art piece really ‘pop’ off its mounting wall.

We love our framers and our art is better for it!  

What is your opinion on hanging art in bathrooms?

Answer: DO IT! We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms and they deserve an art moment just as much as any other room.

Something to keep in mind: lots of humidity is not kind to works on paper. Avoid hanging anything under glass in a high-traffic bathroom.

What tips do you have for deciding on the right size art piece for a given space?

A couple of things to keep in mind when deciding on the right size of art for a space are:

1) The relationship to furnishings. Generally, we don’t want our art to extend beyond the boundaries of our furnishings so that the furniture helps anchor the art.

2) The approach. A large, open surrounding space or long approach lends itself to larger pieces, while smaller makes sense if we are walking by the art in close proximity.

The list could go on, but these are two good starting rules of thumb. 

Which artist, living or not, would you most want to have dinner with and why? 

I started buying (nay, collecting) children’s books way before I ever had children of my own. I love the intersection of storytelling and illustration and it’s a good thing because any parent will tell you that you get to read the dang things 1 million times over their lifespan. Two of my favorites would be A.A. Milne (especially his poetry) and Mo Willems. I would have dinner, tea, beer anytime with either of these gentlemen (Call me, Mo! 🙂 )

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