Shaun Heslop

We are pleased to introduce artist Shaun Heslop to the Seattle Art Source community. Shaun’s work is inspired by his maritime career, the sense of place when navigating the seas and a deep curiosity about the materiality of his medium. 

Shaun uses microcement to showcase his detail-oriented craftsmanship. His work combines his background in carpentry and eye for detail with his endless curiosity to master new mediums, inviting introspection and appreciation of light, texture, and form.

Colored mortar is applied by trowel and each coating’s subtle shades and tones emerge from the natural carbonation of lime and cement, difficult to replicate, making each piece one-of-a-kind.

The multiple coats of minerals and sealants along with exceptional bonding properties bolster superior strength while being paradoxically lightweight. Each movement of the trowel is meticulously crafted, resulting in immersive works of natural polished wax concrete. 

Ecorce and Carbone by Shaun Heslop

37.5×37.5 – $2,400 – Microcement on wood panel – framed in black stained oak

Craie and Soleil by Shaun Heslop

28.5″ x 39″ – $1,900 – Microcement on wood panel framed in black stained oak

Left: Rose and Craie by Shaun Heslop

25″ x 33″ – $1,400 – Cement on wood panel framed in oak

Right: Sable and Carbone by Shaun Heslop

25.5″ x 31.5″ – $1,400 – Cement on wood panel framed in oak

Craie and Ecorce by Shaun Heslop

27.5″ x 37.5″ – $1,630 – Cement on wood panel framed in oak