I kind of crush on Seattle’s Eastlake neighborhood in the fall. I have a rower in the family and find myself around Lake Union several times a week, which allows me moments to enjoy a neighborhood that I otherwise miss. I love the pocket parks, the houseboats, the trails and all the other convivial walkers enjoying a slice of old school Seattle. 

When you own a small business, you become acutely aware of how important it is to incorporate your habitual purchasing from other small businesses. They are the lifeblood of our neighborhoods and are so important to our economy and culture as a city. For me, that means shopping from small wine shops. Wine shop purveyors generally have great recommendations, wide selections that are way more interesting than the big box retailers, and sometimes even a cozy tasting room. Some of my favorites are:
Big John’s for European imports.
La Dive on Cap Hill for amazing pink on tap and the best meet up vibes.
Fruit Super/Foundry Wines in Pioneer Square so that I can shop for gifts and sip at the same time.