Seattle Art Source highlights artist Lynda Harwood Swenson, April 2024

Lynda Harwood Swenson

Lynda is an artist and lifelong learner. She loves that art helps us connect our emotional experiences to the social landscape. Lynda is an educator at the Seattle Art Museum which allows her to interact with burgeoning art lovers and young museum visitors. The teacher in her finds an outlet and her decades as an artist enriches the museum experience for all. 

We love Lynda’s use of color and sense of proportion in her often diminutive works on paper. Using the limitations of the printing modality to her benefit, her creativity and vision capitalizes on the story she is telling.

Check out her available pieces here.

“View of Doe Bay” by Lynda Harwood Swenson
Top Left: “Horse Therapy I”; Top Right: “Horse Therapy II”; Bottom Left: “Horse Therapy III”; Bottom Right: “Horse Therapy V” by Lynda Harwood Swenson
“November Walk IV: Alki Beach” by Lynda Harwood Swenson
Left: “Le Jardin I”; Right: “Le Jardin II” by Lynda Harwood Swenson